What Is Encoding And Admin RDP Plans Policies.

We had Configured Our Admin Servers In The Way So That Any Fraud User Who Just Want To Harm Our Users/Server Can’t Do Anything. We Are Explaining Our Policy Here

In Encoding & Admin Plan Do Not Have Full Admin Rights. However You Can Be Able To Execute Your .exe Files In This Plan. Not All Software Can Be Installed On This Plan, If You Have Any Software Which Can’t Be Installed, You Can Contact Our Support Team. If The Software Is In Our Allowed List, They Will Install That For You.

Why We Do Not Allow Full Admin Access In Admin Plans ?
As You Know There Are Many Users Who Just Want To RUin Other’s Work And Business, They Purchase The Admin Plan And Use There Admin Power To Add Extra Users, Change The Server IP Address, Install Malwares, Changes The System Settings, Which Can Make Server Unusable, Offline, As A Amazing RDP Provider, Its Our Duty To Stop This Types Of Activity And Provide Our User Amazing RDP Experience. Don’t Worry ABout Your Custom Software Our Team Are Available For You To Install Your Softwares. We Provide Temporary Full Admin Access Only If We Think You Really Need That To Configure Setting Of Your Software or Any Thing,

Rules Of Admin Plans:
1. We Do not Allow Any Types of Hacking/Cracking/Bruteforcing Activities/Mining/Streaming On Our Server.
2. Abusing Server CPU, RAM Usage For More Than 5 Minutes Will Not Be Tolerated And Can Result In Service Suspension.
3. No Email Marketting/Mass Emailing Is Allowed On Our Server.
4. No Vmware Software Is Allowed On The Server.
5. No Traffic Bots Are Allowed On The Server.
6. Streaming Is Not Allowed.

Note: We Have Only 24 Hours Refund Policy On Admin Plans. Kindly Read And Agree To Our Policy Before Purchasing.
Note: We Do Not Refund On Any USA RDP Plan

** Do Not Waste Our Precious Time And Server By Just Placing The Order And Ask For Refund. You Can Ask For Demo If You have Any Doubts **

What Difference Between Basic, Admin, Encoding and Private RDP ?