(-) Not Allowed Activities (-)

Strictly Not Allowed In All Shared RDP Plans:

  1. Browser Mining
  2. CPU Mining
  3. Bot Programs (All)
  4. Bot Checker (Account Checkers)
  5. BTC Mining
  6. Mass Mailing Software’s
  7. Email Checkers
  8. Proxy/VPN Software’s
  9. Traffic Bot (IPTS,Traffic Spirit Etc)
  10. Live Streaming Software’s
  11. Android Emulator’s
  12. Hacking Tools (DDOS, Scanners, Etc.)
  13. Server Type Software’s (XAMP, ISS Etc)
  14. Encoding Programs (Except in Encoding RDP Plans)
  15. TeamViewer, Ammmy Admin Etc (Causes Problems With The Ports)
  16. Antivirus (More Trouble Than It’s Worth)
  17. High CPU Usage Programs

Not Allowed In Private RDP:

  1. Adding Other User Accounts (If You Want To Add Extra User Contact Support & Pay Extra User Fee 5$)
  2. SPAMMING Or Sending Emails From The Servers
  3. Hacking Tools (DDOS, Scanners, Etc.)
  4. All Other Activities Allowed (Which Are Banned In Shared RDP Plans)


(+) Allowed Activities (+)

Allowed In Stater & Basic RDP:

  1. Request Own Software Installation (Before Installing First We Will Check Software If Meets To Our Policies Then We Will Install)
  2. Basic Work
  3. Downloading Uploading
  4. Personal Work
  5. Compressing

Allowed In Admin RDP:

  1. Install Own Basic Software’s By Self By Run As Administrator (But Not All Software Will Be Installed. Some Software’s Want To Modify System Settings Like Registry,Windows Components Etc. So That Software Will Be Install By Our Support Team)
  2. Do Admin Activities
  3. Right Click And Select To Run As Administrator

Allowed In Encoding:

  1. All Encoding Activities & Software Allowed
  2. Only 1 Encoding Process Allowed at Same Time
  3. + Allowed Admin RDP Activites

Allowed Activities In Private RDP:

  1. All Other Activities Allowed
  2. Full Admin Access
  3. Install Your Desired Software’s
  4. Traffic Bot
  5. Live Streaming (OBS)
  6. BTC Mining
  7. Browser Mining
  8. Proxy/VPN Software’s
  9. Android Emulator’s (Not All)
  10. Act Just Like Your Personal Computer\

PS: Any Virtual Machine (VM) Making Software Will Not Work In Any RDP Plan