How To Use RDP For Beginners (Step By Step With Screenshots)

How To Use RDP For Beginners (Step By Step With Screenshots)

How To Start Using RDP (Remote Deskop Protocol)


1. First Of All You Need a RDP Buy RDP From Here

When You Order RDP You Get Login Detail Like:

Login Details:
Server Address:
Username: Sadeem25
Password: 6xbIFCHl2v

3. Now Open Remote Desktop Connection Application
Download Remote Desktop Connection Application From SadeemRDP Clientare >> Support >> Downloads
Goto >> Start >> Start Menu >> Windows Accessories >> Remote Desktop Connection
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories
Open Windows 8/8.1/10 Search And Type RDP

4. Now You See a Windows Like This

5. Type Server IP In “Computer:” Box And Click On Show Options

6. Now Type Username In “User Name:” Box.
Tick “Allow me to save credentials” If You Want To Save Username Permanently Otherwise You Have To Type Username Every Time

7. Now Click On Connect

Tick “Remember me” Box If You Want To Save Username & Password Permanently By This You Can Use RDP Next Direct Without Typing Username & Password

8. Now Your RDP Logged In And Enjoy Your RDP 🙂

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